Go therefore and make disciples of all nations

Matthew 28:19

The mission of the church extends far beyond our own four walls, our own local community, and our own nation.  God has called us to support the work of Gospel proclamation where the Word has never been preached, to send his good news to those who have never heard.  Crossway supports missionaries in Eastern Europe, Central Asia and Southeast Asia, who are training and supporting local pastors in disciple-making and church planting. 

Our Missionaries

Sam and Sarah Wullbrandt

The Wullbrandts have been commissioned by Crossway to support and carry on the ministry of the Dicks (see below) and others at The Master's Academy International (TMAI) in Croatia.  The Wullbrandts will build on the foundation that has been laid as they engage in evangelism, discipleship, and church-planting in Croatia and throughout former Yugoslavia. Upon arrival, Sam and Sarah will focus on language and culture acquisition while serving in local church ministry in northern Croatia. Long range goals involve Sam training pastors in the skill of expository preaching and shepherding, teaching at a seminary, and partnering with a Croatian man to plant a church in a region where there is no gospel witness.

Todd and Lynn Dick

Todd serves as a professor at a four-year Bible school in Krapina, Croatia.  Lynn disciples the women of the church to become godly mothers and wives.


The W's live and minister in a sensitive region, which requires us to keep their names and location classified.  S works to train pastors from several countries where churches are rare and often persecuted. 

John & Monica Z

Dedicated to raise up church leaders who can preach the Bible with passion and accuracy in order to help believers to increase their worship of God. Solid sequential expository preaching is lacking in this country.  (Location Classified)

Encourage our active missionaries

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