The Wullbrandts in Croatia

Planting and Strengthening Churches by Training Leaders

The Wullbrandts

Sam & Sarah


Croatia Ministry History

In 1998 three missionary families were sent out from Grace Community Church in California (including Crossway supported missionaries – the Dick family). They were invited by a Croatian named Misko Horvatek who saw Croatia’s dire need for churches that teach the truth. In response to Misko’s plea for help, they began the work of church-planting, church-strengthening, and leadership development in Croatia. Because of the common language their ministry extends beyond Croatia to impact Slovenia, Bosnia, Serbia, Macedonia, and Montenegro. This region represents a population of over twenty-three million souls largely unreached with the true gospel.


Since relocating to Croatia in June 2021, the Wullbrandts have been building upon the existingfoundation. Presently, Sam and Sarah are immersed in language and cultural acquisition while actively engaging in service at their local church in Daruvar, situated in eastern Croatia. Sarah is involved in children's ministry, both in the church and with the Wullbrandt's own five children at home. Sam has been graciously given a fruitful preaching and discipleship ministry.  Partnership with their pastor, Ivan Spicak, a graduate of the TMAl school, fills them with joy as they join forces to serve the Lord.  Sam's objectives encompass equipping men in the skills of expository preaching and shepherding, training pastors, and partnering with Croatians to foster the revitalization and fortification of churches. In recognition of the centrality of the local church, the Wullbrandts are driven by a deep longing to see new churches planted in regions of Croatia where there is no gospel witness.