Pastoral Assistants

Wullbrandt-2017Sam Wullbrandt

In college Sam spent four months studying abroad in Israel with a program called IBEX. During that semester he befriended Sarah, a cute blond from Sun Valley, Idaho. Knowing they shared a mutual desire to devote their lives to foreign missionary work, Sam and Sarah were married in August 2013. After their wedding, Sam began serving on staff at Crossway Church. He has served in the areas of administration, teen ministry, teaching Adult Bible Fellowship, and preaching. The Wullbrandts’ firm conviction about the centrality of the local church has prompted them to spend several years ministering at Crossway in preparation for a lifetime of foreign mission work. During their years at Crossway they have been affirmed in their call and giftedness for missions and their firmly rooted gospel partnership with Crossway Church is poised to remain steadfast throughout their lives of missionary service. The Wullbrandts have two children, Cooper (2014) and Wren (2016).

God has called Sam and Sarah to join in the work of advancing advance the gospel in Croatia and throughout former Yugoslavia by focusing on church planting and strengthening through training leaders, including involvement with a TMAI - The Master’s Academy International - school in Croatia. Read more about the Wullbrandts’ plan and desire to go to Croatia.

Crossway Church is the sending church for the Wullbrandts and is committed to providing prayer and support as they prepare to leave and in the years to come as they continue to serve as fellow workers for the truth.


Jason grew up on a cattle ranch in Oklahoma where he enjoyed a fairly typical childhood riding horses, fixing tractors and playing tennis. He earned a Bachelor of Business Administration from Northeastern State University in Tahlequah, Oklahoma. It was during his college years that he met his wife, Sarah, a New England native. She was visiting the area, and “happened upon” Jason’s church where they met one Sunday morning.

Jason and Sarah married in 1999, and moved near Tulsa, Oklahoma, where Jason established his career as an accountant. Several years later they moved to Louisville, Kentucky, where Jason attended The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. In January 2010, after three precious years attending seminary and fellowshipping at Clifton Baptist Church, Jason and Sarah and their three children (Lauren, Jenna and Joseph) moved to Marlborough, NH, where they still reside.

Jason worked in the corporate realm for another six years until Providence brought him to his current position at Crossway Church. When he isn’t working at the church building, he is either skiing, cutting firewood, reading theology books, or wishing he was skiing.